"I look forward to making life easier for you and your favorite four legged friend. Call me today to see how a Hale Pet Door can help."
- Henry Kenney - Lexington Pet Doors
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Because Not Just Horses Should Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Henry Kenney, Owner of Lexington Pet Doors

Letting Your Dog Enjoy the Great Outdoors Just Got Easier

Whether you’re home enjoying your leisure time or busy at work, a dog door can make your life easier. At home you’re no longer tied to your dog’s need to get outside and back in again. When you’re away, you know your dog can go out and enjoy the nice weather or come in the house to be more comfortable.

Dogs stay healthy when they can answer nature’s call at will—avoiding painful (and costly) digestive problems caused by not eliminating when necessary. The outdoor stimulation can also help prevent destructive behavior caused by boredom.

Energy Efficient Hale Pet Doors

If you’re concerned about putting a hole in your wall or door for a pet door, consider that the opening your pet goes through is much smaller than opening your entry door every time your pet wants to go out and come back in again.

The double flap Hale Pet Door has strong but pliable clear vinyl flaps that keep the outside air out while your pet can easily push through them. The 5 times stronger Alnico magnets keep the flaps closed to keep dust, insects and weather out. Black nylon brush weather-stripping insulates the space between the magnets for a continuous seal.

Choose Your Pet Door Frame Color to Coordinate Your Home

Because Hale Pet Doors are available in 4 frame colors: White, Arizona Beige, Brushed Aluminum and Dark Bronze (black) you don’t have to settle for a doggy door that detracts from your décor. The security covers coordinate with the frame colors to make your dog’s door as attractive as yours.

The Most Secure Doggie Door

Some people are concerned with security issues with pet doors. Hale Pet Doors have a polymer security cover that slides into an extruded aluminum frame and locks with a positive action pin lock that is attached to the frame.

If you have a large dog that requires a large dog door, the security cover will keep your home secure when your large dog is not at home to do so.

Hale Pet Door’s Warranty Gives You Peace of Mind

When you buy the highest quality doggy door, you expect the best warranty in the business. Hale Pet Door has a 5 Year Warranty that even covers the flaps!

In the first year, all parts are covered 100%. In years 2 through 5, the flaps and parts are pro-rated with 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% discounts.

Quality Doggy Doors Deserve Professional Installation

Henry Kenney, Jr. of Lexington Pet Door has been improving local homes for over 20 years. His family has been in the plaster repair and painting business since 1935 where Henry got his start repairing and restoring old Lexington buildings.

Kenney has been helping businesses and homeowners with home improvement projects and repairs through his business Any Hour Services and now wants to help you make life easier with a Hale Pet Door – because not just horses should enjoy the Great Outdoors.

For pet door installation call 859-446-4115 now!